TRIGUEIRO FONTES Advogados is going through one of its most promising moments in terms of provision of services. The team, which was formed over a period of 25 years, has a wealth of experience to offer, the results of which are naturally perceived by our clients, who can see a more fluid relationship between their legal and financial departments and our approximately 130 lawyers.

The Firm is currently led by 28 partners who are bringing to fulfillment a project that was designed long ago: to meet the demands of our clients throughout Brazil, building a more pragmatic relationship with a noticeable decrease in costs, thanks to an increased volume of work. We have offices in Manaus, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, which are able to service our clients throughout Brazil.

We continue to work with determination and persistence to meet the challenge to become a well-structured law firm in constant evolution, with a wide capacity to assist clients. The Firm's areas of practice are continuously diversified to offer assistance in civil law matters (agreements, property, trade), consumer protection law, tax law, administrative law, labor law, Social Security law, arbitration, regulations (sanitary surveillance, electricity), real estate law, corporate law (incorporation and liquidation of companies, corporate acts), mergers and acquisitions, sale and purchase of companies, due diligence, foreign investment, environment, corporate crime, equity and succession planning, consumer, bids, foreign trade and compliance.

It is worthwhile mentioning that the ideals of TRIGUEIRO FONTES are still the same as when we started, that is, to do things well and respect ethics above all, always abiding by the truth.

Our work teams are structured by regions that cover practically 90% of the areas accountable for Brazil's GDP, reflecting our capacity to develop the logistics needed to harmonize the work performed in all our offices. It is not by chance that many of our people are transferred to other regional units for limited periods of time (from three to five years), where they are able to gain new experience and share their own knowledge. Finally, we have steadily improved the work we are committed to, and we have also invested in the technical and scientific development of our people, abroad as well as in Brazil. All this was clearly the result of our need to attain a certain profile in order to offer assistance to large national and multinational companies.

In all our presentations, we have always made clear our intention to be a well-structured law firm, showing that TRIGUEIRO FONTES Advogados was the achievement of an ideal of life, which is why we have always surpassed the limits that challenged those who were willing to change their assumptions. Thanks to our continuing effort to provide efficient services, our work has achieved a great expansion in times when lawyers' firms have assumed an increasingly important role in the defense of the interests of clients. This was possible because we have always believed in the strength of the Brazilian people, who celebrate life with contagious hope and enthusiasm.
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